Italian headquarter is located in Verona, where there are the offices, the R&D department and manufacturing. In Tuscany - Prato - Sipro is also present with a branch of the technical office, for support and development.

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What distinguishes us:

Experienced people with long histories of cooperation with the company:

This aspect generates loyalty among customers, followed for years by the same Sipro's technicians who provides an inimitable plus thanks to their historical memory.

Steady growth:

Sipro during its history has always grown both in terms of revenues than in the number of people employed. During 2016 Sipro increased by 50% its production area and the room space for offices.

Hardware and software

Sipro designs electronic boards and also writes code, being able to give immediate answers and create comprehensive and customized solutions.

Over 35 years of history:

The technology of Sipro's numerical control is the result of continuous 35-years evolution and also the result of a constant contribution from valuable experiences learnt particularly in the Italian market, which is considered the most technologically complex and innovative in the world.


Research and development never stops! Both hardware and software are constantly being revised and implemented allowing Sipro to offer efficient, reliable and up to date products with the latest news and features required by market and customers.

Service and support:

The value of knowledge; the variety of acquired skills; the assistance both remote and direct towards the customer - if necessary - in every part of the world: these are our essential values.

People are the real reason of our success.


Istanbul - Turkey

Sipro S.r.l. founded in 2023 the subsidiary SIPRO TURKEY OTOMASYON A.Ş, based in Istanbul, to market its solutions and products in Turkey.

The branch is composed by engineers able to develop the technical part and the software, administrative and commercial staff. SIPRO TURKEY aims to consolidate and expand its business not only in Turkey, but also in the neighboring Countries, providing a fast support to the local machine manufacturers and the best automation solutions.

SIPRO Automation Engineering

Shanghai - China

Sipro Italy founded in 2015 a company to market its solutions and its products in China. SIPRO AUTOMATION ENGINEERING, the chinese branch of Sipro, is located in Shanghai.

The branch has two engineers, plus some administrative and commercial personnel. SIPRO Engineering is able to support our Italian and foreign customers who sell machines in this territory, and also is able to propose solutions for the automation of local machinery manufacturers.