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Remote device Android

Touch screen human interface


Human interface with operative system Android 4.4.2
Touch screen
Ethernet - USB
Emergency button
Three-step enabling switch
Key switch / buttons customization

Remote device HMIS10/P
LCD TFT 10,1’’ WIDE display – 262.000 colors
Resolution 1024 x 600

Remote device HMIS7/P
LCD TFT 7” WIDE display – 262.000 colors
Resolution 800 x 480


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Android compatibility


All the pages developed for our numerical controls with can be installed in the same way on an Android device through the appropriate app. The pages are automatically scaled to fit the screen of the device.

Local or remote

The interface made with can be replicated on a device connected locally to the machine through wi-fi or remotely through the internet.


You can create specific pages to be installed on Android devices to have - for example - the machine's productivity statistics or to check multiple machines simultaneously.


Pages created with can also be installed on Sipro Android industrial human interfaces with the advantage of being connected through Ethernet to the control, allowing to manage manual handling.

Remote assistance

On all Android devices (commercial or industrial), you can also install other third-party app, such as TeamViewer® for Android for example. The ability to do this generates many benefits in managing, for example, the remote assistance.

Email - SMS - WhatsApp

From Android supervision it is also possible to manage the forwarding of reports on the system status through email, sms, whatsapp (for example machine alarms and more).